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Measured Survey London

Measured Survey London

BeforeBricks Marketing Team
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June 6, 2022

Looking to improve your London home with an extension? Before your Architect or architectural designer started drawing up proposed plans, you'll need a measured survey to produce floor plans, elevations, sections of your London property in its current built condition. For this, its best to choose a company that provide measured surveys in London. 

It can come in handy while designing the project. It can also help meet the regulations you might have regarding design changes. But what exactly is a measured survey, and how does it help in renovation? 

Let's find out. 

What is a measured survey?

A complete measured building survey, whether in London or another part of the UK, is simply a survey of your property, where experts come and take accurate measurements of your building or structure with laser equipment and tape measure. They also take photos to draw up a precise floor plan of your property with AutoCAD software. 

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A measured survey allows you to plan correctly for renovations or changes to the home with accurate measurements of all dimensions. Not only does this mean that the architect or designer can design with more accuracy, but it also means the construction is much safer, and everything can be planned out before any major works are carried out.

If done incorrectly, a measured survey can also make your local authority reject your planning application, or you might face problems with meeting building regulations. So it's a great idea to have them done professionally. 

What does a measured survey in London involve?

A measured building survey usually involves taking measurements of the site or building, including different sections, elevations, floor plans, and internal and external photos of the entire property. You determine the specific details or accuracy levels beforehand during a meeting with a survey expert.

The process usually starts with an appointment where you discuss your plans and structure with the surveyor. You also talk about costs and delivery dates, and when you want the survey to take place. Then the surveyor comes with their equipment, which usually includes laser technology to take accurate measurements of the floors. They also use regular tape measures. 

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How long does a measured survey take in London?

A measured survey in London is usually not a long process, as the initial time on site taking measurements  takes four hours on average for a three or four bedroom family dwelling. The lengthy part is drawing up scale plans to include floor plans, elevations and sections. The entire process can usually take around 5-7 working days. 

If you need it urgently, you can discuss that with the surveyor and ask for early delivery. However, this might incur extra charges in some cases because there are other projects to deal with as well. 

What is the end result of a measured survey in London?

Once the experts have drafted up your designs at the end of the London survey, you will usually get a complete set of scale plans drawn up in CAD software or AutoCAD. You will get these drawings in a digital format, such as DWG files. These plans will include everything from floor plans, elevations and sections throughout your building.

The drawings are very accurate, and you can expect to see a scaled model of your building. These drawings and plans are great for design purposes, but they can also be helpful if you are planning on selling the place. 

Once you have the results of your measured survey, you can move on to the next portion of renovating. You can get your building regulation drawings to help you obtain building control approval. This step will usually give you all the technical documents you need to submit to your authorities to get approval.

You can also get planning drawings to help you gain planning permission for your building. Once you have all the documents and permission, you can start building your project. 

A final point on London measured surveys

Now that you have a much clearer idea of what a measured survey is and how it can help you, go ahead and set up an appointment with one of our survey experts to start your project off right. We use industry-standard technology to accurately measure everything and provide you with a set of survey drawings. 

Whether you are looking for a pro measured survey in London, Brighton, Bristol or across the UK, BeforeBricks offers professional surveying services nationwide.

Measured Survey London FAQs

Do I need to be present while the survey is being carried out?

No, you don’t. Suppose you have already had a conversation with your survey expert and have discussed everything. In that case, it's not necessary for you to be present during the survey. But it's always a good idea to see things for yourself and learn about how the surveyors are scanning your property.  

Do I need a measured survey for planning permission or building regulations?

Yes, you might need a measured survey for planning permissions or to meet building regulations, depending on your local planning department's rules. Not all departments require one, but it's good to have this in store. 

How much does a measured survey cost?

The cost of a measured survey can vary from £200 to £1000, depending on the size of your project and the time it takes to measure everything and produce a thorough output. Total costs can even reach up to £10,000 or more for substantial projects. 

Are survey drawings included in the price?

Yes, since the point of this survey is to provide accurate floor plans to help you design or renovate the place, surveyors will include the drawings in calculating the costs. You will usually get a quote for the whole package, starting from the consultation to the measurements and floor plans.

Is a measured survey different from a structural survey?

Yes, a measured survey is different from a structural survey. A structural survey is more comprehensive and is focused more on the condition of the building. It's meant to find flaws and defects in the property and can be helpful to homebuyers. A measured survey serves more of a design purpose and helps with measurements about design and renovation.