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BeforeBricks makes getting architectural drawings for your council, your builder, and your peace of mind easy, quick, and hassle-free.
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Architectural drawings in days not weeks or months.

Don't suffer long waiting times of several weeks or months and endless excuses just because your local architect has taken on more clients than they can handle. You're not building a circus, so you don't need to hire someone that juggles for a living.

BeforeBricks is a nationwide architecture practice large enough to give your project the attention it deserves, and small enough to care.

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Measured survey

The first step in most projects is a site visit where measurements are taken so we can draw up existing plans,

Architectural design

Design meetings, 2D plans, 3D model visuals, and development rounds with multiple solutions presented to ensure to the ideal final design and layout.

Planning permission

Planning drawings and additional supporting documents with submission of an application to your local council.

Building regulations

Detailed drawings and structural calculations for building control approval and to obtain builders quotes.

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What our customers say

Trustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot Star

Isaac and his team drew up plans for our rear dormer loft conversion. We were really pleased with their professionalism and quality of their work. They were very flexible around our ideas and were happy to work through a number of plans before we settled on the final design.

Mr Peter S Graham
Trustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot Star

I have now used BeforeBricks twice to produce drawings for successful Listed Building Applications. The service they provided was helpful, sympathetic and professional. The plans needed were achieved using a combination of photographs taken with my phone and simple measurements that I was able to take with a tape. Highly recommended.

Emma Holt
Trustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot Star

Great service. A choice of drawings were sent for me to approve with recommendations. All uploaded to planning portal for me. They kept in contact and advised me of outcomes along the way. Reassured and guided when neighbours uploaded messages. Ive never applied for planning. So was nervous and a little ashamed i had to use a company, But I would definitely use them again. Why would you do it yourself, when this company , do the work and take the stress.

Mr Saqib M Khan
Trustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot Star

I was very impressed with the whole process. very professional. Answered all my questions being a first-time user of such a service.I had to stop work because of health concerns and still owed money. They didn't force me to pay the remainder. Brilliant people, excellent service exceeding my expectations.

Megan White
Trustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot Star

We needed plans drawn up for a single storey rear extension. Before Bricks were efficient, professional and helpful. They submitted the plans for planning permission for us and answered all our questions. Would recommend and use again. Thanks Isaac and Tomas.

Tania U B
Trustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot Star

Quick and accurate drawings. In less than a week we had survey and existing drawings done for one of my clients. I would use their services again and recommend it to future clients. Both Isaac and Thomas were very professional and helpful.

Konstantin Gkioka
Trustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot Star

Amazing service. BeforeBrick demonstrated to be excellent, providing a great service quite fast. Highly recommend it.

Trustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot Star

Very professional approach to projects. We have worked with Beforebricks on over fifteen different projects in the past year alone and it has been a pleasure. We recommend them for all Architectural Services related to buildings. We look forward to keep working with them in future projects.

Lloyd Shephard
Trustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot Star

The team are really professional and were very helpful getting the drawings done in a timely manner. When I had amendments that needed making they dealt with them quickly. I would use BeforeBricks again.

Noorahmed Peera
Trustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot Star

I have been working with BeforeBricks for a while now on residential projects involving single/double storey extensions, loft conversions with dormer, etc. and I was extremely impressed with the professionalism with which they handle each and every project.

Evie May
Trustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot Star

Very easy to deal with and had everything from them that I needed for my loft conversion. Tomas was really good at getting any alterations done and answering queries I had from the structural engineers drawings. Would definitely recommend them and use them in the future if I need anything

Trustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot Star

I am really satisfied with the service received from the team at BeforeBricks, from the first meeting until the last email the team was prompt, reliable, communicated clearly and had a fantastic sense of professionalism. My project wasn’t the biggest or most noteworthy I’m sure however I was treated like I was their biggest customer and I’m thankful.

Stevie C
Trustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot Star

I needed architectural drawings for a planning permission application which was successful. I was amazed that the drawings were produced remotely from several photographs and a few key measurements. Not only that, the turn around was very quick and the price was very reasonable. I was more than happy with the service.

Jack Hume-Richardson
Trustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot Star

I would highly recommend Beforebricks with their help I was granted full planning permission last August for a creative and wellbeing studio in my front garden.During our initial consultation they were extremely approachable going through things calmly and clearly with me making the necessary revisions quickly. They kept me well informed and their time keeping was impeccable.I recently approached them again for some support regarding amendment of studio position and they have stepped up to the plate quickly and professionally. Fantastic

Sahil K
Trustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot StarTrustpilot Star

Fantastic experience so far with Isaac & Before Bricks Ltd. The team offer great insight into planning permission with thorough information and effective communication. Before Bricks have successfully passed one planning application for me this year having only obtained their services in 2022. I would highly recommend their services to anyone deciding to obtain planning permission or looking for professionals with extensive knowledge on the subject. I have already begun the process with two further planning applications with the company and will seek their services as my new “go to” planning & architectural company going forward. Thank you!

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Frequently asked questions

Why would I use BeforeBricks?

We recommend using our services if you’re considering any major home project, such as an extension, conversion, significant renovation, or new build.

Working with an architectural service like BeforeBricks has a number of benefits including but not limited to: Better design; Better utilisation of space; Increased chance of planning approval; More protection from bad practices.

Can I design my own house without an architect?

There’s no legal requirement to have an architect by your side. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seriously consider hiring one. For any major project, such as extension, extensive renovation, or new build, an architect can help you get the most out of your project, ensure it meets all legal requirements, advise on budgets and contractors, plus much more.

Learn more about the benefits of architects by booking a free consultation here.

Should I hire an architect or engineer?

Structural engineers are a different kettle of fish to architects. Where architects can cover a wide range of services, structural engineers tend to specialise in only a few key areas - namely, making your house stand up. Structural engineers are mainly needed if you’re doing anything that might affect the structure of your home. Be this a rear extension, dormer loft conversion, or even removing a chimney. Typically during the building regulations stage, your structural engineer will calculate the weight of your proposed structure, and specify key elements such as steel beams.

In contrast, an architect can cover:

- Design and architectural drawings
- 3D models
- Planning submission
- Building regulations
- Contractor recommendations
- Site visits

How much does an architect cost in the UK?

The cost of an architect varies. When it comes to traditional architecture practices, the industry typically recommends you work out the cost of your architect based on a percentage of your total budget.

On average, a traditional practice will charge between 5% - 10%.
For example, let’s say you’re building a classic rear extension in London and it’s expected your project will cost around £75,000 overall. If you’re using a traditional practice, you’ll need to budget between £3750 and £7500 for your architect.

If your architect isn’t using a percentage model, then they might be charging you by the hour. On average, this can be anywhere between £75 - £200 per hour. How many hours your project will need will depend on both the size and complexity.

Want to know the cost of BeforeBricks architectural services?

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How do I find a good architect?

Finding an architect can be done in minutes but finding a good architect can take work. When considering any architect, we always recommend you take the time to have a consultation with their team. You should also check to make sure they have experience of working with your local authority.

A lot of homeowners get lured in by fancy awards, but unless you have the desire (and budget) for conceptual architectural design, you might be happier with an architect who works predominantly with everyday homeowners.

And, of course, you should always pay close attention to customer reviews.

Does an architect have to be RIBA registered?

In order to design a home, an architect doesn’t necessarily need to be a RIBA registered architect and it doesn’t always guarantee the best results.

At BeforeBricks, we're lucky to have RIBA architects on board, but we also have a whole host of other architects from different backgrounds who have a proven track record delivering great everyday homes.

Since 2021, we’ve helped over 500 homeowners nationwide and it is this experience, not a certificate, that makes us a fantastic service.

Learn more about our architects by booking a free consultation.